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Course Presentations

April 10 13, 2018, in South San Francisco, California.

If you are interested in attending a class but are unable to attend this class, please email us at davidc.carr@verizon.net. You will then be contacted when future classes are scheduled. The class is also available for presentation at company locations. On-site classes are practical for as few as five individuals.



Course Instructor: C. David Carr. A technical short course is only as good as its instructor. David has over thirty-five years experience in the analytical technology field and is an expert in High Performance Liquid Chromatography. He is very familiar with capillary electrophoresis and mass spectrometry as applied to the analysis of polypeptides. Dave has provided instruction on HPLC and the use of HPLC in the analysis and characterization of polypeptides for many years. He has a facility for explaining the concepts and practices involved in the analysis of polypeptides in a manner that makes them clear and easy to understand. Course attendees can anticipate a very educational, yet entertaining, presentation with ample opportunity for discussion and questions.


For further information please contact us at davidc.carr@verizon.net or Ph. 760-409-0871